arin innovation certifies its Oracle Accelerate Solution for Industrial Manufacturing

Thursday January 13th, 2011

arin innovation today announced Oracle Accelerate for Industrial Manufacturing product, an Oracle Accelerate solutions for the Industrial Manufacturing industry.

Oracle Accelerate solutions enable arin innovation combining applications with their knowledge of business processes, providing a comprehensive, industry-focused and affordable to midsize companies.

This vertical solution provides a number of preconfigured, adaptable business processes, based on best practices of an industry that includes different types of companies, and therefore needs to have flexible features for appropriate monitoring and management depending on the specificities of each company.

The provided solution includes functionality for finance, supply chain, planning and manufacturing and is a compilation of best practices, supported by experience in previous implementations in industrial manufacturing companies in various sectors.

It covers the entire business cycle from order to receipt, keeping the trace of each component through the stages of purchasing, manufacturing and delivery. The time of conducting the test cycles are shortened using Oracle Accelerators and some of the vertical components, such as management of cast iron, mold management, …

With this new solution, arin innovation strengthens its commitment to continuous innovation.

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