Data Intelligence and Sales Force: The perfect combination

Friday September 1st, 2017

The digitization of the society makes the clients change their behaviors and expectations in the purchase process. Sales departments must be able to adapt to this new environment that is moving quickly and significantly.

Business environments change rapidly driven by the digitization of society and the new technologies that drive this change. Consumers are increasingly an omnichannel customer, who expect companies to conduct new behaviors that meet their expectations in the buying process. However, according to a recent Oracle study, only a third of companies rely on their ability to move to the speed of customer change. The other companies are left behind risking considerably the success of their businesses.

Putting the customer at the center of the business strategy should be the guiding premise of the company. All departments should be oriented toward that goal. But of all the areas that make up the company, there is one that is vital to the relationship with the customer, the sales department. They, better than anyone, can reach the customer to know their needs and expectations. Even so, according to Oracle, 60% of marketers lack a solid understanding of what sets them apart from the competition and 53%, who continued to use spreadsheets where they handled the information at the time of the survey, believe that The key to success lies in the automation of information management.

From Oracle they point out that the most adapted sales organizations are in the current market changes use the technology and data intelligence to renew and modernize, from the base, every element of the sales process. By doing so, they are able to print a new level of power and accuracy to the entire process, from customer relationship to sales force management. “The key to success is not so much in the amount of information we have, but how we interpret it and what we do with it,” said Hugo Amann, CEO of the technology company arin.

The new omnichannel environment is characterized by the multiple sources of information that the companies drink from. This information not only has to be channeled so that it reaches our company, but also, we must allow it to flow inside the organization as communicating vessels so that all departments can roam in the same direction.

Hugo Amann points out that “having a deep knowledge of customers and the market, and using this knowledge to understand where we can bring more value than our competitors, will facilitate that the sales force has a more solid base and shares with a significant competitive advantage, in addition to a more efficient management of the commercial area”.

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