Oracle Database 19c : Reduce IT Complexity With Converged Database

Friday October 30th, 2020

Virtually every organization is working on digital initiatives, looking at how to use data more effectively and efficiently.

So choosing your database platform can greatly accelerate these initiatives, lower costs, and help protect against the risk of inappropriate access.

What is a converged database? A convergent database is one that allows data loads from mixed sources such as: JSON, Spatial, Graph, etc. as well as relational data or IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, … and the execution with different paradigms such as: Microservices, events, REST, …, in a single product.

By standardizing on the Oracle database, you can:

  • Handle any type of data at any scale.
  • Protect and secure your confidential information.
  • Development teams can be more efficient.
  • Analytics can provide more information in less time and more securely.

Standardization in the Oracle database helps simplify and optimize your IT operations environment. And it prepares you for the future.

Easily move to the cloud when the time is right. Adopt a new application development models. Use machine learning where you need it.

From arin we facilitate access to technology for companies that want to make a qualitative leap in their data management, offering the possibility of carrying out a 3-month pilot with the most advanced convergent data management, contact us.

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