There are many analysis that support the benefits of digital transformation for companies. According to a recent study by Ametic (Association of Companies of Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Digital Contents), full digitalization would increase corporate productivity by 20% and reduce government spending by another 20%.

In increasingly competitive sectors impregnated by globalization, our main competitor can be a corporation located on the other side of the world. In order to survive, companies must not only seek the efficiency of their processes, but also must have flexible structures that allow, in due course, the leap to other markets. The structures and processes of the company should be a springboard for growth and not a drag.

In arin we know what the challenge of digitization for a company means. The business cannot be stopped by the implementation of a new system that, due to its complexity, will escape the understanding of the future users, which will affect the productivity. That is why, because we know that day-to-day business can not stop, we help you keep your business feet on the ground while we help you migrate your head to the “cloud”. Efficiently, inexpensively and without complexities, we direct your company to the digital path.

Thinking about the concerns and needs of companies we have launched “Quick on Cloud“, a package of technologically advanced solutions that simplify, standardize and automate processes, adapting to the requirements that each business needs,  all with the support of Oracle technology and innovation.

“Quick on Finance” Solution
To cover all the needs of management, planning, budget and financial forecast of your company, in automated processes and in a flexible way.

“Quick on Innovation” Solution
In an automated way, it helps turning the best ideas of the company into marketing campaigns that will facilitate the generation of successful leads, with a better use of customer data.

“Quick on Sales & Marketing” Solution
Based on standardized processes, it supports all the management needs of Marketing and Sales Departments, in order to more effectively reach an omnichannel customer. Lead generation and sales opportunities with a greater percentage of success.

“Quick on Sales & Finance” Solution
All the needs of the company in the Sales Cycle and Financial Management will be covered. It helps the sales force achieve goals and managers better understand the whole process. By integrating the automation of financial processes with the sales solution, you get a global visibility of the business in real time.

“Quick on Cloud” are solutions based on web and Microsoft environments, which will allow users to find friendly and intuitive tools, ensuring rapid adaptation and higher productivity of the posts in less time.

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