Universities and Business Schools: The challenge of increasing the enrollment ratio

Wednesday February 27th, 2019

The process of incorporation of Spain into the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) began in 2017. Since then, the offer in higher education, postgraduate, masters, etc. has multiplied exponentially in our country, converting post-university education into a highly competitive sector.

Public and Private Universities, as well as Business Schools, compete to attract students to their academic offerings. Regardless of the type of higher educational institution that we are, how to stand out to attract the attention of students ?. The answer is as simple as it is complex at the same time; You have to be where the students are for, at the precise moment in which that need arises in the student (find a higher course, postgraduate or masters where to enroll), show you our training offer.
According to the Annual Social Networks Study 2018 of IAB Spain (association of advertising, marketing and digital communication in Spain), 9 out of 10 Internet users in our country are users of a social network. In addition, only 13% of those under 30 do not habitually use a social network. Therefore, and going back to the question we asked ourselves before, we already know where to find the potential students: in the Social Networks. Now, we just need to know how to attract them.
In the market we find solutions like Oracle CX, on which arin has built an integral solution to do a complete and 360º follow-up, which covers all the social networks where the candidate is to enroll in one of our higher education programs. It allows us to coordinate marketing campaigns and follow up on potential interested students, in order to improve the enrollment percentages. A solution that favors the acquisition of quality profiles, increasing the conversion (from interested profiles to registered profiles).
arin’s vertical solution for Universities and High Education based on Oracle CX facilitates to know what are the academic concerns of the students to know what training, within our academic offer, can be interesting for the extension of their CV and, consequently, to propose an offer that is really of interest to them.
Hugo Amann, General Director of arin technology company, points out: “The higher academic environment has evolved rapidly in recent years. The wide academic offer has meant that we are now talking about a highly competitive market. If the higher education centers fail to generate connected experiences, omnichannel experience, among the students who seek to expand their education, it will be impossible for them to capture and retain the attention of the students to achieve their final objective; expand your enrollment ratios. “

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