arin is a team of people with wide knowledge and experience in consulting projects, solutions implementation and maintenance services, mainly oriented to Oracle Applications (ERP, Customer Experience, Service…) both on premise and in the cloud. The high qualification on these activities, together with our continuous training and innovation guidance, determines the ability to respond effectively to our customers requirements.

We have a multidisciplinary experts team in the three basic areas to achieve a successful implementation: Consulting, R&D&i (which comprises Development and Application customization) and System Architecture and Engineering.

Functional consulting

The main differential value of our consultants lie on the combination of technological experience in diverse solutions and the knowledge of the core business processes based on the distinct functional areas in the customer organizations:

Distribution and Logistics.
Project Management.
Human Resources.
System Administration.

This qualification allows a larger grade of implication and better results on the different projects carried out. Moreover, our professionals are certified in the Oracle solutions that our company implements.


The R&D&i team works closely with the Consulting team, to analyze and develop vertical solutions, oriented to a sector with specific requirements that complement the standard solutions in the market.

These vertical solutions allow us to offer our customers different applications that are more comprehensive and specific to their sectors, with which they can maximize their performance, giving us leverage over those companies that only offer Standard solutions from software manufacturers.

This constant focus on innovation, demand us to maintain a continuous training processes in the latest technologies, both from Oracle and others.

All this activity involves different types of projects:

Development of vertical solutions.
Analysis and development of changes on Standard solutions.
Integration Projects of corporative applications.
PaaS for SaaS solutions.

Systems Engineering and Architecture

Our system architects and engineers are responsible for defining the optimal solution for infrastructure projects to ensure the best performance. They monitor the system and errors that may occur on it, projecting the growth of databases, analyzing performance and its possible degradation.

These tasks are included in the projects of the architecture and systems engineering team:

Security and contingency plans.
Preventive maintenance of applications.
Performance Optimization.
Release migrations.