arin innovation Colombia will implement IRFS in Oracle eBS 12.1.3 in Coomeva Group

Wednesday September 2nd, 2015

The Coomeva group is a cooperative organization of professionals and their families associated to meet common needs with the procurement of goods and services, among them feature a health insurance promoter and a cooperative bank. To date they have about 275.000 members, distributed in 40 cities along the country.

At present the Coomeva Group has implemented financial (GL, AP, AR, FA) and logistics (INV) modules in Oracle eBusiness Suite 12.1.3 for several of the Group companies. In parallel, the Coomeva Group is using CORVUS (financial and xbrl) tool that lets you make the convetion between COLGAAP and new accounting standards (IFRS). arin innovation offers to the Coomeva Group financial support in Oracle eBusiness Suite the perform the implementation project of adapting to the new international accounting standards (IFRS).

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