Price and Budget Configuration: Improving the Customer Experience in the Purchase Process

Companies invest large amounts of money and resources to attract new customers. However, once the client says yes to our products, solutions or services, do we know how to offer a satisfactory customer experience in the purchase process? In many occasions, this trance will be decisive for the new customer to consolidate his loyalty to our company and be, even, a prescriber of our brand or, on the contrary, move away from us.

Tuesday April 30th, 2019

ERP in the cloud: Put the customer at the center of your strategy!

Tuesday November 13th, 2018

Should We Forget about Spreadsheets?

Since office automation came to business management, the spreadsheets have been allied not only for the Finance Department, but for all those departments where planning and financial budgeting management, such as Marketing, Sales or Human Resources, must be handled.

Monday June 25th, 2018

Customer Experience and Online Reputation: The central axis of business

If we consider the Customer Experience and Online Reputation as something that is about the Marketing, Communication or Customer Service departments, we really have not understood anything.

Thursday April 26th, 2018

IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service and as Support for Business Growth

IaaS guarantees that our IT infrastructure will be available in the way and at the time we need it, becoming an ally of business growth and not a burden

Friday March 9th, 2018

How to introduce a culture of innovation in the company?

There is a phrase from Albert Einstein that perfectly defines what the spirit of innovation is, “If you are looking for different results do not always do the same”. That “doing something different” goes through a process that starts from the moment we have an idea until it is implemented.

Friday September 15th, 2017

Data Intelligence and Sales Force: The perfect combination

(Español) La digitalización de la sociedad hace que los clientes estén cambiando sus comportamientos y expectativas en el proceso de compra. Los departamentos de ventas deben saber adaptarse a este nuevo entrono que avanza de forma rápida y significativa.

Friday September 1st, 2017

Omnichannel Marketing: How to reach the 21st Century Customer?

The multichannel client has evolved towards an omnichannel client that Marketing must know how to reach to, maintaining a coherent strategy, adapted to the channel and customized for the client, if it wants to be successful.

Tuesday July 18th, 2017

The “Employee Experience” at the heart of HR Digitalization

To capture and retain new talent, Human Resources Department must offer a satisfying experience to employees throughout the life cycle of their working life

Monday July 10th, 2017