IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service and as Support for Business Growth

Friday March 9th, 2018

The infrastructure as a service, IaaS, provides companies with a series of advantages that directly affect the success of the business, as well as the reliability of the services provided by the IT department.

In the market we find offers of different solutions in the cloud for our IT infrastructure. We must know what each of them offers us and which one best suits our needs. IaaS provides us with models in Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud, to fit the real needs of each IT infrastructure.

Regardless of the chosen model, all of them assure us some benefits among which we would highlight:

IaaS: Security for your company and your customers

One of the great challenges IT departments are facing is to reduce the vulnerability of their systems. A cyber attack or any unwanted access, not only puts our business at risk, but also directly affects the privacy of our customers, for which we are responsible.
Through IaaS we will have the precise tools to protect ourselves: firewalls, encrypted access, protected storage, etc. We will have the peace of mind of knowing who accesses our network, and the ability to avoid and prevent unwanted entries.

IaaS: No hidden costs

The maintenance of IT infrastructures carries hidden costs. Physical space, maintenance and purchase of equipment, cooling systems for our CPD or electricity consumed.
With IaaS all the hidden costs disappear so, from the start, we increase the profitability of the investment in a cloud IT infrastructure.

IaaS: The ability to adapt

We know what our IT infrastructure needs are today. However, we do not maintain a technological infrastructure at the limit of its capacity because it would mean that, from one day to the next, we will not be able to provide the technological service that our company needs. Therefore, we are forced to have an extra-dimensioned infrastructure to the current requirements of our company.

IaaS allows us to have at all times what we really need. A flexible IT infrastructure that will grow at the same pace as our business.

Hugo Amann, General Director of arin company, comments: “We must know how to choose the IaaS model (Private, Public or Hybrid) that our company needs. Each company has its own idiosyncrasy. For this reason, from arin with the support of Oracle technology, we accompany the client throughout the process; the analysis, the decision making and the implementation of the infrastructure solution in the cloud that best guarantees the use of IT resources. Also, maximizing the profitability of the investment, not implying with this giving up the scalability and flexibility that an IT infrastructure must support, to guarantee the smooth growth of our business “.

Quick on Cloud are packaged, technologically advanced solutions based on web and Oracle technology that simplify, standardize and automate business processes, adapting to the needs that each business needs.

Solutions that respond to the areas of Sales, Marketing, Finance and HR, increasing the capabilities of the company in a faster implementation and adoption, with tight and closed costs. All under the experience of arin and Oracle technology and innovation.