Customer Experience and Online Reputation: The central axis of business

Thursday April 26th, 2018

If we consider the Customer Experience and Online Reputation as something that is about the Marketing, Communication or Customer Service departments, we really have not understood anything.


The Customer Experience, is a business philosophy that encompasses all aspects of the perceptions that a customer may have when interacting physically or emotionally with our company. A good management of the Customer Experience should be the axis on which our company turns, if we want to achieve a competitive advantage over competitors. In this way, the Customer Experience must involve all points in which a customer makes contact with our brand.


The way in which companies relate to customers, with the arrival of the internet and social networks has radically changed. From a one-way communication, in which companies sent messages that were captured by consumers with a role of mere receivers, we have moved to a bidirectional communication. A dialogue between consumers and brands, even a dialogue between the consumers themselves in which our company can be the subject of the conversation, without us becoming aware of it. We have reached the democratization of communication. This is where Online Reputation comes into play, that is, what opinion Internet users have of us.


The popularization of the use of internet and social networks is a globalized social fact that we cannot ignore. Consumers enter the network before making a purchasing decision to know what other Internet users think about our products or services. It is not only about knowing the image that a potential client wants about our company in the network, but about knowing the perception that our clients are having about our brand.


In a context in which the omnichannel customer increasingly takes on more weight, it is not an exaggeration that our Online Reputation, nowadays, is also our Company Reputation. For this reason, we must know if the efforts we are making to guide our company towards a differentiating Customer Experience correspond to the Online Reputation of our brand.

If we ignore what is said about us in the network, how to know if we are acting correctly? Hugo Amann, General Director of arin technology company, comments: “It is essential to have tools to support us, such as Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) that allows us to manage our relationship with customers in social media channels. Integrating the four best components of social relations management in your class, social listening, social analysis, social commitment and social publication in a unified interface, Oracle SRM will not only facilitate us to manage social relationships in a very complete, automated and personalized way, but we can have the precise information to know and analyze what is said about us in the network, and in the case of finding ourselves in a crisis of Online Reputation, to be able to act.”


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