Price and Budget Configuration: Improving the Customer Experience in the Purchase Process

Tuesday April 30th, 2019

Companies invest large amounts of money and resources to attract new customers. However, once the client says yes to our products, solutions or services, do we know how to offer a satisfactory customer experience in the purchase process? In many occasions, this trance will be decisive for the new customer to consolidate his loyalty to our company and be, even, a prescriber of our brand or, on the contrary, move away from us.

The purchase process can become the customer experience that hooks to our brand. That our salesmen have a software of configuration of prices and budget, saves them time in the administrative management, leaving them more space so that they can attend, and understand, the real needs of the clients.

The CPQ (price and budget configuration software), by rule, is generally integrated with the CRM (customer relationship management system). This defines a relation of communicator-vessels of the information between both tools, which allows the customer’s data, such as names, addresses, purchase history, etc., to be transferred without problems from a CRM to a CPQ. Similarly, once the agreement with a customer is closed in our CPQ system (products, prices and other related data) can be synchronized automatically in the CRM. This automation, for our customers, will provide a more efficient experience with respect to our management, by minimizing the margin of errors by sharing both systems information.

On the other hand, generating a proposal document or price quote involves a process that takes time and increases administrative burden. For the customer, this means an increase in the waiting time to receive our offer. A CPQ system will facilitate that the agreement information can be used in templates, thus reducing a process that can take days to minutes. The image of agility and efficiency that our customers will perceive from our sales service will generate a brand positioning that will directly affect their loyalty to our company.

According to Hugo Amann, General Director of the digital transformation company arin: “It is estimated that only a third of the time of the commercial force is destined to sell; the rest of the time, no less than two thirds, are dedicated to other tasks, including administrative management. With systems such as Oracle CPQ Cloud we will minimize the time spent on management to prepare budgets and offers to customers. In this way, we achieve a double objective, that sellers have more time to attract new customers and better understand existing ones, and we will also significantly improve the perception that customers have of our company, offering them a better customer experience in the purchase process ”


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