How to introduce a culture of innovation in the company?

Friday September 15th, 2017

There is a phrase from Albert Einstein that perfectly defines what the spirit of innovation is, “If you are looking for different results do not always do the same”. That “doing something different” goes through a process that starts from the moment we have an idea until it is implemented.


The innovation is to introduce novelties in our approaches to generate new proposals, and their subsequent materialization. With the current configuration of markets, innovation is the only way for companies to maintain a competitive advantage and make this advantage sustainable in the long term.


How to introduce a culture of innovation in the company?

Employee Empowerment

Employees are an important foundation in the company culture. Involved in the day-to-day work of the specific areas where they work, they can have a deep insight into their environment that allows them to suggest ideas that will impact on improvements to achieve the department’s objectives. The role of management in this process is to encourage employees to come up with new ideas and then, through a more global vision, to analyze the feasibility of those ideas.


People committed to the project

Giving employees the ability to propose ideas makes them more involved and feel that they are part of that common project that is the company. This, in the medium term, will give employees more confidence in proposing new ideas.


Agility in decision making

What today may be an innovative idea, in a short time can become “imitation” if the competition is advanced. Therefore, innovation is an equation in which an idea is subtracted from time.


But innovation also has its risks. Since we have a new idea to turn our business strategy until that idea materializes with its execution, it is a period of uncertainty for the company. During that time, from the idea arises until it is implemented, it is invested in both economic and human resources before knowing whether the result will be desired or not.


How can we guarantee success from the very moment the idea arises?


Hugo Amann, Director General of technology company arin, gives us the answer:

“Until recently, companies could only rely on their intuition and experience to evaluate new ideas for their marketing strategies or analysis of their portfolio to determine the best ideas to invest. However, today, thanks to the new technologies that offer us collaborative tools in the cloud, we can gather ideas and evaluate in advance the different scenarios that guarantee us success. In this way, we can decide which ideas to implement or which to discard, eliminating the risk posed by uncertainty of the future. “





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