arin innovation Colombia will implement Oracle Sales Cloud CRM in Proquinal S.A. and RENOVA

Wednesday March 2nd, 2016

Proquinal is a company that developes fabrics and flooring vinyl specialized for multiple segments and infinite uses around the world. Thanks to technological input and continuous improvement and innovation, design and high performance. Leaders in the domestic market and the largest exporters in the sector with a presence in over 70 countries. They have production plants in Colombia and Costa Rica that meet high standards of quality and are backed by processes environment-friendly.

arin innovation Colombia, is going to implement the CRM Oracle Sales Cloud in Proquinal to support the work of fidelization, maintenance and monitoring of customers and achieving potential, will support the work of sales promoters directly in the field, also will implement ina a subsidiary to sell their products “Renova” so they can track their design projects and execution of marketing campaigns, at the same time be assessed through progress in CRM shares of its vendors.

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