arin innovation will implement in Congelados de Navarra the solution of Oracle JD Edwards

Sunday November 30th, 2008

The implementation will allow to Congelados de Navarra to have traceability from the arable land to the end client.

Congelados de Navarra is a company that manufactures and commercializes vegetables and prepared frozen meals. In the world of frozen vegetables is a European leader in the manufacture of broccoli and baked and fried vegetables.

It exports almost 70% of its sales, 95 millions of euros, a production of 95,000 tones and a staff of 500 employees. Currently its sales per country are divided into: 36% Spain, 18% France, 16% Belgium, 14% Germany and the rest 16% among Italy, UK and other countries.

Founded in 1998 and after more than 10 years of growth, it wants to continue its way of diversification in productions and channels, by establishing in new markets. Nowadays Congelados de Navarra has one of the most modern plants of Europe in Arguedas, with a capacity of production of 50,000 tones.

The new productive plant recently built in Fustiñana, Navarra, has positioned in the first line of Europe for its innovation and technologies in use, also for its production capacity, that doubles the current plant of Arguedas. This plant is focused mainly in the production of vegetables more basic remaining the plant of Arguedas specialized in the production of fries, bakes and broccoli.

Congelados de Navarra has proved its relevant capacity in innovation, not only for products either in processes. Likewise, has done a strong bet for growth and technology that reflects its history of growth in the last years and its whole automation of the production process, internal transport system and system of traceability.

Congelados de Navarra is developing, with the help of external consulting and external IT suppliers, a strategic plan of systems that will allow it to define the extension of it in the market.

A key element in this plan is the implementation of the Oracle JD Edwards solution performed by arin innovation during the year of 2009. In the first phase of the project, were implemented the modules of finances, purchasing, sales and inventory with the following phases, that included the modules of arable land control, with the target of getting the traceability since the arable land till the delivery of the product to the end client.

‘“Oracle JD Edwards has been chosen as the solution to manage our processes and information for being a solution leader in the technology level and also for counting with a high capacity of changes to be adapted to the food industry with the vertical modules developed by Oracle itself, specially focused to the sector and integrated in the standard. So, we can settle the technologic bases that will allow our company to develop a strong and dynamic growth”, declares Benito Jiménez, General Manager of Congelados de Navarra. In reference to the selection of arin innovation for this ambitious project, the responsible of the Group remarks “the confidence on its professional team, with a vast experience in Oracle applications, as well as its consolidation as successful references, experience in the sector and long relationships with its clients”.

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