Challenges and Tips for Marketing Specialists in the New Normal

Friday October 2nd, 2020

The pandemic that we are experiencing has had a strong impact on companies and consumers. Teleworking has exploded, while business travel is practically non-existent and consumer spending has seen one of the largest drops on record. However, the principles of customer experience remain the same (experience largely defines the value of goods, customer innovation moves faster than the adaptability that many companies have, and the customer journey remains unpredictable and non-linear).


Therefore, companies must respond faster and be more agile. In these times, there is a sense of urgency to invest in digital strategies and advance initiatives in the following areas:

  • Enable remote work: access to information and processes to carry out work.
  • Expansion in the number and types of channels.
  • Increase in B2B commerce and digital sales.
  • Real-time information and updates, available through intelligent guided self-service.

Marketers still need to generate leads for sales, but … customers are distracted and have other priorities. Marketers face challenges like customer retention, increasing efficiency with less budget and resources, staying relevant, and maintaining relationships with contacts.

In this environment, here are some tips for marketers on how to navigate the new normal.

  • Don’t stop communicating with your customers, but don’t overdo it either. Let them know that you are still here and reach out when you have something worth telling them. Create and use relevant content to ensure you send appropriate and timely messages.
  • Focus on helping, not selling. At a time when many lack personal connections with friends and loved ones, building a personal connection with your clients is important.
  • Be nimble, things are changing day by day in many parts of the world. Keeping your focus on the ground and making significant changes to your brand strategy will give you an edge over the competition and establish your brand as an innovator and thought leader.
  • Marketers have the opportunity to be creative in the way they nurture customer relationships. It may mean trying a new channel or testing so that you can reach a wider audience more effectively. Use the data to know current behaviors and adapt campaigns / strategies to the latest results.
  • Review and update your lead scoring strategy as economic climate and behavior change.
  • Lean on technology and data.

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