Indispensable Requirements on a Tool to Generate an Effective B2C Marketing Campaign

Wednesday September 19th, 2018

Developing an effective B2C Marketing campaign is now more accessible than ever. The arrival of the Internet to consumers (in Spain 80% of the population has access) has allowed small businesses and large corporations to compete in the same environment and, often, as equals.

Implementing a B2C Marketing Campaign is no longer a matter of big budgets, but of having ideas, knowledge and, above all, the tools necessary to reach the consumer. However, this easy accessibility has led to an extremely competitive environment. For this reason, it is so important to have the right tools to achieve a competitive advantage in our sector.


Requirements for a tool to perform effective B2C Marketing Campaigns:

Automation yes, but personalized

Automating B2C Marketing campaigns gives us greater efficiency, although we should not leave personalization aside. Knowing our target in depth will facilitate a precise segmentation, which will allow us to arrive at the right time and in the right way.


Generation of quality leads

When generating a lead we have to prioritize the qualitative part, over the quantitative part. With a lot of lead without quality we will only waste our resources. Our tool should help us generate qualified leads, to facilitate their conversion into sales leads.



The connection of the data obtained from different channels (emailings, social networks, online advertising or webs and landing pages) is essential. In this way, we will deepen our knowledge of our target and we will know how to reach it.



Efficient campaign management

We need access to a tool that provides efficient management of multichannel marketing campaigns.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is presented as one of the best strategies accepted by consumers for brands to approach them, as they perceive it to be less invasive than other strategies. But for that to be the case, the content that is generated must have quality. Our B2C Marketing tool should provide us not only the generation of quality content, but also its sharing in a simple way.


Measure accurately

Any B2C Marketing strategy must be based on its measurement capacity. This is the only way to know its performance and plan future campaigns from that knowledge.

If our tool covers all these requirements, we will achieve the success of our B2C Marketing campaigns. In addition, Hugo Amann, General Manager of arin technology company, points out: “In the cloud we have tools that will enhance our B2C Marketing strategy, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The Oracle solution we offer for Marketing management allows us to reach our target from the knowledge, giving us the competitive advantage necessary to capture their attention and attract them. “


Quick on Cloud are packaged solutions, technologically advanced, based on web and Microsoft environments that simplify, standardize and automate business processes, adapting to the needs that each business needs.

Solutions that respond to the areas of Sales, Marketing, Finance and HR, increasing the capabilities of the company in a faster implementation and adoption, with tight and closed costs. All under the experience of arin and Oracle technology and innovation.

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