Jofemar relies on Oracle CRM On Demand and arin innovation

Wednesday December 1st, 2010

The company is considering giving immediate response to the need of a corporative CRMapplication.

Founded in May 1971 by Félix Guindulain Vidondo (the current president of the company),Jofemar set out as a company that provided a surface treatment service (electrolytic baths), turning nine years later to the manufacture and design of vending machines and coin mechanisms, an activity which it continues to pursue to this day.

The constant economic investment and the investment of all the great effort of more than 200 people in the areas of technology, research and the development of new products that cover all imaginable requirements in the vending sector constitute the basis of the success thatJofemar has found in the business world.

Currently, Jofemar is involved in a process of extending its installations to include a built area of 52,000 m2, on a surface area of two hundred thousand square meters.

In the current context the company is considering to give immediate response to the need of a corporative CRM application that will allow it to increase the efficiency on sales and support a global process on this area, with a system based on the access to the Web.

Critical factors on this decision were the leader positioning of the Oracle CRM Solution of Siebel and Good confidence relationship between arin innovation/Oracle and Jofemar decision team.

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