MacAndrews relies on arin innovation for the implementation of the New General Accounting Plan for Portugal

Wednesday June 30th, 2010

The process of reform of corporate accounting regulations in the European Union, requires several EU countries, including Spain and Portugal to take a new position according to the same accounting and in line with the philosophy of Boada International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Within this framework, there have been a number of amendments to the General Accounting Plan that should be reflected in the general accounts of Portuguese companies.

The project addresses the migration of MacAndrews accounting system to the New General Accounting Plan of Portugal and the adaptation to make the chart of accounts and accounting meet the new requirements, making the additions, modifications and reclassifications of accounts and entries associated with them.

The estimated duration of three months for this accounting adjustment places the start date in late September 2010.

This project reaffirms MacAndrews’s confidence in the quality of arin innovation.