Personalized Marketing in the Experience Economy

Monday May 3rd, 2021

As brands reevaluate strategies and adjust to consumer-driven change, marketers focus more on customer retention and developing deeper relationships with those customers, exceeding their expectations is more critical now than never. Today’s consumers seek engaging, insightful, and relevant brand interactions and choose to do business with those brands that meet these expectations.

Agility and efficiency have become the critical characteristics of any successful digital marketing team. Consumers need help, help that goes beyond just pushing them to the next transaction. They need help that meets their needs in the moment and brings value to them in an authentic way. Companies that are able to consistently respond to the micro-moment will perform better in protecting critical customer relationships and will leverage these consumers as advocates to grow their brand.

These are the ideas that will drive business success today and help brands compete tomorrow.

  1. Be nimble. Take advantage of the right tools to conduct business at the speed and data resolution required today, while optimizing your existing resources.
  2. Provide authentic, consistent and personalized experiences to your customers.
  3. Being present at the time and place where your customers relate to your brand.
  4. Visualize a world where you can inspire loyalty, develop relationships with your customers, and listen and adapt to each experience in real time, thus building stronger relationships.
  5. Accomplish all of the above, while improving the productivity, efficiency, and performance of your existing equipment and resources.
  6. Enhance each individual’s experiences. Connect the disconnected touch points each customer encounters and use that knowledge to deliver value.

How do we put these ideas into practice?

  • Listening and adapting the experiences based on the client’s behavior at the moment.
  • Creating authentic individual experiences at scale.
  • Ensuring consistency in time and channel.


Increase efficiency by leveraging tools designed by marketers to address the needs of marketers.

  • Emphasize agility and amplify intuition with workflows and capabilities that elevate marketing.
  • Easily produce more campaigns with scalable and repeatable functionality.
  • Improve your ability to respond to changes in behavior or changes in the world.


Leading marketers have already started to take action and are making great strides to solidify the customer experience in this new world. However, data silos between marketing, loyalty, commerce and service continue to be a problem for brands. While today’s customers expect a consistent experience with brands regardless of the business context they interact with, most organizations are still unable to connect touch points, leaving gaps and inconsistencies throughout the customer journey.

When you have the right tools and technology like Oracle CX Marketing, to listen to your customers’ activities and respond in the moment, you can tailor your marketing and react appropriately to your digital signals, leading to better business results and customer relationships through longer term.

At arin we offer services to work with you and your teams to determine the best way to adapt your solutions and organizations to thrive in this current business environment.

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