Project Management in the Cloud: The Acceleration of the Business Engine

Thursday March 28th, 2019

Project Management and the role of the Project Manager are evolving rapidly. If we intend to take our company to a full Digital Transformation, but manage our projects outside of Digitalization, we must be aware that we are doing what should be the engine of our company, the management of projects, become a burden for our increase.


To be competitive, companies today must be collaborative, social, mobile and managed from the cloud to form flexible structures, which are adapted to the needs of the company at all times, favoring sustainable growth.


What should we demand from a project management tool in the cloud?

Digitization provides more efficient management methods. The way of working has changed and, of course, the delivery of projects must also be done.

When choosing a project management tool in the cloud we must observe that it adapts to our real needs. It must be able to manage from projects of great volume and complexity, to “more modest” projects, without ever losing the highest standards of quality and efficiency. It must adapt to projects of products, solutions, services or any other aspect that the company needs. It must also meet the dynamic needs of the current Project Manager profile and offer data transparency to the organization.

Currently, it is common for companies to expand the range of profiles that receive projects to be managed, so we need an intuitive and easy to use tool, to be used regardless of the level of knowledge and experience of the Project Manager.

On the other hand, the tool for managing projects in the cloud that we choose should facilitate simplified programming, with social collaboration capabilities that favor teams that are not physically close, can collaborate easily without distance or time flexibility being a impediment. Of course, it is also important that it offers visibility into the costs of the project that allows us to obtain maximum profitability.

Hugo Amann, General Director of the Digital Transformation company arin, gives us more information of interest: “The figure of the current Project Manager, at times, does not have the experience we used to see in project management in the past. This has been possible thanks to tools that, in a very intuitive way, allow an efficient management of projects, such as Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud, favoring the decision making based on data. In addition, we must take into account that the tools in the cloud provide the new organizational structures with the mobility they demand, to offer flexibility of schedules and full collaboration in geographically dispersed teams ”


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