“…the human factor is the weak link…” expression use to be considered certain but that does not prevent the rest of members to be susceptible to failure.

In the Information Era practically everything is binary 0 or 1, yes or no. But the most critical binomial today is: absence or presence.

What happens when a complication occurs and there is no plan to overcome it? The truth is that in this case what is difficult is it not to have a loss. Whether it is loss of image, loss of data or economic loss, this is a problem that very often is partially recovered.

To prevent this from happening; arin designs, implements and helps its customers maintain business continuity plans including contingency plans and disaster recovery. arin not only provides the pole, but also trains and boosts their customers to avoid the obstacles that may arise.

arin provides also “Disaster Recovery” services for those customers who need to recover Oracle environments that have suffered some technical mishap.

Oracle Active Data Guard

Oracle Secure Backup

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