arin is one of the leading companies with the highest level of services in technologies provided by Oracle; among them, we can find the implementation of the Oracle systems called Engineered Systems.

An Engineered System is a product designed for use with Oracle software elements and therefore, it is built to optimize execution and performance. Oracle organizes joint engineering teams to develop these products. These teams are experts in all areas of the company: Hardware, virtualization, operating systems, databases, application server…


Less cost
Less integrations.
Extreme performance.
Deploy faster with Oracle tools.

Some products are:

Oracle Database Appliance: is a system of joint engineering, servers, storage and networking that offers a simple, reliable and non-expensive package for midrange databases workloads. arin is one of the most experienced companies in this product, being the company that sold the first X5 in Europe or X3 in Spain.

Oracle Exadata: is the platform that provides the highest performance and availability for Oracle databases. Its architecture has standard servers for databases and intelligent storage systems, and also an internal high-speed InfiniBand network that connects to all servers and storage. Enhancements over 30% have been achieved in the execution on heavy workload environments.

Oracle Exalogic: hardware and software are designed together to provide good performance, reliability and scalability in Web environments. It offers a low cost of ownership, risk reduction, increase in user productivity, and it enables maintaining a optimal SLAs, with minimal downtime.

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