In recent times, most companies have evolved their organizational model, aware of the importance that technological solutions have acquired and continue to acquire to business partners, for optimization at all levels.

In this scenario, one of the business strategic areas of arin innovation is supporting our customers in the adoption of the most suitable technological solutions that meet their medium and long term strategic plans.

IT consulting projects often begin defining director plans for information systems based on the global business strategy defined by General Management; they identify the state in which the organization is in the corporate solutions area, and how the solutions map ought to evolve to align with that strategy.

Then, it is frequent a project for solutions selection. These projects analyze each specific area in which a need for technological change has been identified, which are the best solutions on the market and their adequacy for the client’s needs. These projects can range from global enterprise solutions (ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence), to specific solutions of a particular area (payroll, shop floor data collection…).

Once the solutions have been selected, arin innovation offers its clients the possibility of performing implementation plans for the selected solutions, where the terms are evaluated, the people assigned from the organization, the level of dedication … Nevertheless, for those projects in which the solutions are not implemented by arin innovation, we offer support for project management to our custormers, thereby minimizing the risks associated with the implementation.

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