arin a!erts is a monitoring advanced system which allows the communications and information system responsible to advertise the status of the monitored components receiving notifications in case of need.

The next features make arin a!erts an excellent, strong and reliable system:

  • It is based on an open source monitoring system on which arin has developed a series of statistic data collections and additional validations based on their advanced knowledge and the experience on the Oracle’s technology stack components, from the lowest level (hardware, virtualization, operating system) to the higher one (database, middleware, applications).
  • This tool is highly customizable for each customer need, being able to inherit statistics and generic templates for being modified, meeting customers’ needs.
  • Permits the notification of incidents with a high level of different definitions, such as: “No classified”, “Informative”, “Warning”, “Important”, “Critic”, “Disaster”, on certain scheduled times and for current and previously defined email accounts.
  • Disposes a user interface, helping operators to know and review the incidents. It can be setup for generating reports about monitored elements.
  • Provides a big number of validations developed by arin innovation specialists, which permits the proactive/preventive and reactive/corrective monitoring.

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