JDE Alerts is a new application developed by arin that allows Oracle JD Edwards to proactively launch alerts based on predefined business rules, allowing you to detect specific problems or even get ahead and prevent them from occurring.

JDE Alerts Functionality

  • Possibility to define an unlimited number of alerts.
  • Easy to use.
  • Transversal application, applicable to alerts from ALL Oracle JD Edwards modules.
  • Full flexibility to define the business event subject to the alert (use of SQL open source).
  • Alerts categorization.
  • Dates of beginning and expiration of the alert.
  • Frequency of very flexible alert monitoring: every few minutes or hours, on specific days of the week or month, …
  • Control of already alerted events (duplicity control).
  • Multiple recipients for the e-mail alert.
  • Configurable alert text, with variable fields from JD Edwards.

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