The Oracle Cloud solutions in the strategic focus of arin innovation

Thursday January 8th, 2015

For midsize companies worldwide , simplification and modernization of systems is increasingly important for success again. Growth can be painful , especially when building the capabilities to support more customers , add new products , and expand into new geographies . Growing businesses must face a number of unique challenges that stand in the way of your success, including :

Inability of current systems grow in scale to support the growing business.

Costly integrations that support fragmented systems where inefficient processes and lack of control are created.

Limited bandwidth of current IT resources to support strategic initiatives innovative band .

Unforeseen costs associated with system upgrades , while maintaining compatibility with regulatory changes and the pace of a global economy in flux.

Your company must ensure that its business platform support growth; need to be able to grow wisely. With more than 290,000 midsize customers through all its solutions , Oracle is the right choice for smart growth. Oracle solutions in the cloud are designed to address specific problems associated with successful growth medium enterprises. arin innovation strategy supports Oracle ‘s cloud offering consulting services of the highest quality for quick implementation of solutions in the multi – functional cloud such as ERP, HCM (HR and talent management ) and CRM (sales, marketing and customer service ) . That means you can start with the services that are critical today , and be sure that the full capabilities are there for your company when your company is ready.