A comprehensive data management platform for traditional and modern solutions that combine a diverse set of workloads and data types. Oracle’s is the only data management platform that is specifically engineered and optimized for high performance database workloads as well as hyper-scale Big Data and Streaming workloads and delivers unmatched scale for relational, graph, spatial, semi-structured, unstructured non-relational as well as streaming data supporting a diverse set of use-cases including OLTP, Warehousing, Machine Learning, Text Search, Image Analytics and Deep-Learning.

Some of the solutions that arin provides to its customers:

• Database Cloud Service. Service provided in its different variants, such as High / Extreme Performance, or Basic Service.
• Database Backup. Management of backups from a specific center in the Oracle cloud.
• MySQL Cloud Service, database for environments that do not need an Oracle Enterprise or Standard database, with the maximum reliability of the Oracle cloud.

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